With the advent of smartphones, collecting sensor data automatically from a large number of people has become affordable. Additionally, social networks, like Twitter or Facebook, show the interest of a large number of persons to share text, and multimedia content manually. However, motivating a large number of people to contribute to a participatory data collection to gain insights about a certain topic, like health status, is still challenging. Hence, companies and research organisations aim to find motivational cues to get larger data sets.


The master thesis aims to identify motivational cues for contributing to participatory data collections. In a first step, an intense literature review has to be conducted. After designing selected methods based on literature, these methods should be evaluated in an online survey. For the most promising approaches working prototypes should be developed for Android as part of the CIMPLEX data collection platform.

  • interest in the topic and a background in computer science
  • reliability and ability to independently learn new things
  • very good English skills

Zusätzliche Information

Supervision in cooperation with HCI Group at University of Stuttgart.

Marco Hirsch (